Cigarette Lighter Heater – Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Just like any other electronic, electrical, or mechanical equipment, even the cigarette lighter heaters also require some external source of power supply in order to work continuously. Because of this requirement, the cigarette lighter adapter comes into the picture.With the help of cigarette lighter adapter, the cigarette lighter heater can be charged up so that it can be used as a portable equipment to light the cigarettes while you are on the run.

heater Cigarette Lighter Heater – Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Types of Cigarette Lighter Adapters

There are different types of cigarette lighter adapters available in the market which are designed and manufactured for different uses, and are compatible with different power outlets. Some of them are discussed below:

Car air conditioning cigarette lighter car heater machine car air conditioning fan ceramic heat heater 12V.jpg 350x350 Cigarette Lighter Heater – Cigarette Lighter AdapterCars
Since most cars that fall under the category of luxury vehicles have built-in cigarette lighter heater equipment included with them, the cigarette lighter heater also requires compatible adapter so that it can be connected to the circuit to charge the equipment. There are many types of adapters built for car charging.

Some of them have single port, whereas there are others in which multiple cigarette lighter heaters can be connected simultaneously and can be charged all at the same time.Some adapters have a cable attached to them that can be used to connect to the car circuit, hence giving a complete mobility and portability to the end users even while the lighter heater is getting charged.

Direct Power Outlet
Apart from the cigarette lighter adapter that are is built for cars, some of them can also be connected directly to different types of power outlets, such as batteries. Such adapters have two power cables (phase and neutral) attached to them which can be connected to the battery output connectors.

Technical Specifications of Cigarette Lighter Adapter
Normally all cigarette lighter adapters that are responsible for charging the cigarette lighter heaters have a 12 V output. The adapters consume up to 180 W of power, and as a result they produce sufficient smoldering that the filament becomes capable of lighting the cigarettes.The above discussed technical specifications, input and output power of the cigarette lighter adapter devices are applicable on every type of adapter including the ones that can be connected to the direct power outlets, and the ones that are precisely designed and manufactured for cars.

Precautions and Advises
It is always recommended that you should purchase a branded cigarette lighter adapter for your cigarette lighter heater. Always prefer to purchase the adapter of the same brand of which you have the cigarette lighter heater. In case the same brand is not available, try to purchase the one with closest technical specifications in order to avoid any physical damage to either the adapter or to the cigarette lighter heater itself.

A complete and efficient set of cigarette lighter heater and cigarette lighter adapter is the one in which both the elements are of same brand and are manufactured for each other. In case the specifications vary, make sure that at least the brands of the two different equipment (cigarette lighter heater and cigarette lighter adapter) are identical.

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